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    Mobile Banking, Billing Apps, Wallets

    Mobile banking is a service that allows customers to access their bank accounts and perform various banking tasks, such as transferring money, checking account balances, and paying bills, using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

    Patient and Hospital App

    A patient and hospital app is made to make it easier for patients and healthcare professionals to communicate and work together. To assist people in managing their health and receiving care from their healthcare professionals, this app can offer a variety of features and functionalities.

    Telehealth App

    Telehealth app brings healthcare providers and patients closer in a digital environment and enhances access to care. It helps patients to interact with physicians from anywhere and anytime.

    Messaging and VoIP Apps

    VoIP apps empower multichannel communication via voice and video calling, SMS/MMS text messages, virtual faxing, and even internal chat messaging. They also offer advanced call management strategies, call tracking and analytics, file sharing, and customer self-service.

    IPTV & SVOD Apps

    IPTV content is often delivered over a managed or dedicated network, like digital subscriber line connectivity. Compared to the public internet, a private network gives network operators more control over the video traffic. SVOD is a popular OTT video monetization model where subscribers pay a flat subscription fee in return for unlimited access to a massive library of video content.

    M-Commerce Apps

    Very simply put, M-commerce entails e-commerce transactions done with a mobile phone. So M-commerce is the use of mobile phones to conduct any type of business transaction. It takes the help of the e-commerce background and WAP technology.

    Field Service & Mobile BI

    Business Intelligence takes data sets and transforms them into meaningful and actionable information to power business growth. It opens the door to a new business model for field service organisations.

    Booking & Ticketing Apps

    In the last few years, there has been a significant rise in the ticket booking app mainly because it offers the hassle-free experience of reserving tickets.

    Augmented Reality Apps

    It is used to enhance the natural environment or situations and offers perceptually enriched experiences. With the help of advanced AR technologies, the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulated.

    Lending Apps

    This app works like a credit card allowing users to get an instant loan. This app allows you to compare the interest rates and see which one suits you best.

    Insurance Apps

    Mobile insurance apps for insurance agents and customers maintain a touch of finesse considering the diversified nature of operations while helping in increasing customer satisfaction.

    Investment Apps

    Investing and trading used to be so complicated that you needed special education to trade stocks and make passive income. These investing apps assist users in saving money and enhancing their assets by providing a variety of flexible resources at cheap application costs.

    Custom App Development for iOS & Android

    Custom apps can help streamline your business operations by providing easy access to information and tools. The apps can give you a competitive edge by providing unique features and capabilities that differentiate your business from competitors. Here you can implement robust security measures, such as encryption, authentication protocols, and secure data storage, tailored to your specific requirements.

    Cross-Platform App Development

    We are a cross-mobile app development company that makes it possible for applications to work together seamlessly on a variety of iOS and Android devices. Cross-platform apps can offer a consistent user experience across multiple platforms, which can help improve user satisfaction and reduce user confusion.

    Mobile App Designing & Prototyping

    We build apps to provide clients with a clear visualization of their mobile app concept. Our developers build and roll out mobile apps that are quick, reliable, and powerful.

    User Experience (UX) & User Interface Design (UI)

    Let's make sure your brand is in line with what users of your mobile app want to see. Our area of expertise is turning abstract concepts into long-lasting concrete forms. UX and UI design may enhance user engagement with the app by creating a pleasant user experience that makes it simple to use and aesthetically pleasing.

    App Testing & Quality Assurance

    Functional, compatibility, usability, performance, and security testing for mobile applications are all included. The SearchingYard team can provide test automation for functional and regression, performance, compatibility, and security mobile testing, incorporate keyword-driven and data-driven frameworks in order to speed up the releases of your mobile app and guarantee enough test coverage.

    App Maintenance & Support

    User retention, user happiness, and mobile app competitiveness are all improved by SearchingYard's quick, result-driven, and methodical maintenance. It involves activities to ensure the app's smooth operation, address issues, and provide ongoing support to users.

    Mobile App Strategy Consulting

    We assist in establishing and improving the mobility needs of your business. Whatever you require, we will turn your concept for a mobile app into a reality. Mobile app strategy consulting provides customers with a strategy, knowledgeable counsel, and priceless insights in order to optimize the effectiveness of their app-related operations.

    Integration with Third-Party APIs & Services

    Integrating with third-party APIs and services can enhance the functionality and user experience of a mobile app. Third-party API providers often specialize in their respective domains and offer scalable and reliable solutions.


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Streamline your business processes and reduce errors with our cutting-edge automation technology. Focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest.
Intelligent Solutions

Intelligent Solutions

Gain a competitive edge with our intelligent tools, providing insightful data to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Forecast future trends and opportunities with our data-driven insights, giving you the ability to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.
Robust Security

Robust Security

Protect your sensitive information with our advanced security measures. We understand the importance of data security, and we take every measure to ensure your information is protected.

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