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Invest in YardDigital Store

Get high returns on your investment and enjoy passive income.

Investment Highlights

High Returns

High Returns

Earn a minimum of 20,000 INR per month for the next three years.

Revenue-Based Returns

Revenue-Based Returns

Get 2% of the revenue generated by your YardDigital store.

Zero Risk

Zero Risk

Invest in an established franchise model with no risk involved.



Enjoy transparency with detailed financial reporting.

No Worry Of Staff Hire

No Worry Of Staff Hire

Don't worry about hiring staff for your YardDigital store. We'll handle the recruitment process.

No Worry Of Growth

No Worry Of Growth

We take care of the business growth and marketing strategies for your YardDigital store.

Guaranteed Return

Guaranteed Return

We guarantee a minimum return on your investment in your YardDigital store.

Proven Profitability

Proven Profitability

Join a franchise model with a proven track record of profitability and success.

Investment Process

1. Contact Us

Get in touch with our team to express your interest and receive detailed information about the investment process.

2. Investment Proposal

Receive an investment proposal tailored to your requirements, including the expected returns and terms of the investment.

3. Invest Funds

Once you are satisfied with the proposal, invest the funds as per the provided instructions and agreement.

4. Receive Returns

Sit back and enjoy receiving monthly returns based on the revenue generated by your YardDigital store.

Our Business Types

Computer and IT Equipment

Supply and maintenance of computers, tablets, laptops, servers, and their peripherals.

CCTV and Security Systems

Supply and maintenance of CCTV cameras, security systems, and their peripherals.

Ready to Start Earning with YardDigital?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I invest in YardDigital?

To invest in YardDigital, please contact our team through the provided contact information. They will guide you through the investment process.

What is the investment amount?

YardDigital requires a minimum investment of 10 lac INR, which will be returned to you after a 3-year investment period.

How long will it take to receive ROI?

You will start receiving returns on your investment from the first month, and it will continue for the next three years.

What if the revenue is less than 20K?

If the revenue generated by your YardDigital store is less than 20,000 INR, we guarantee a minimum monthly return of 20,000 INR.

Is there any risk involved in investing?

Investing in YardDigital comes with zero risk as it is an established franchise model with a proven track record.

Is the renewal amount will same?

No, the renewal amount may vary after the initial 3-year period. Please consult our team for more information on renewal terms and conditions.

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