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  • Feeding the World with Smart Agricultural Solutions Leveraging IoT, AI and Drone Technologies Revolutionizing the Agriculture Industry

    We at SearchingYard, are dedicated in bringing transformation into the agricultural industry by utilising modern technologies such as IoT, AI, Cloud and Drone technology. As a key part of any country’s economy, we understand the importance of the Agricultural Industry and are mindful of the world hunger statistics. Leveraging the power of such agriculture technologies, we provide cutting-edge farming solutions from Smart farming using precision agriculture to using AI-enabled Drone technology in agriculture.

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Smart Farming: A New Era Of Agriculture

SearchinYard Software Group works with agriculture enterprises to leverage digital farming, direct-to-consumer business models, and omnichannel experiences. The use of sensors, AI & ML, IoT, Robotic & Automation, GPS, Drones and other Technologies will continue to emerge to help agribusiness increase their productivity and sustainability.

Digitize farming operations for reduced costs and better market access.

  • 1) IoT in Agriculture: Enabling Smart Farming
  • 2) Automating Farm Operations Using Robotics and Automation
  • 3) Agricultural Drones
  • 4) Reducing water use & increasing crop health
  • 5) Using AI for predictive analytics - Facilitates making the correct decisions

IoT in Agriculture: Enabling Smart Farming

Our smart agriculture technology is designed to monitor crop health, precision agriculture with IoT and GPS, supply chain optimisation, and smart livestock management.


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Safety First: Smart worksites connect the workforce and their equipment

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Safety First: Smart worksites connect the workforce and their equipment

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End-To-End Agriculture Management System In One Platform.

What's New

Transforming Agriculture Industry With Smart Solutions.

  • Efficient Farming Using IoT Sensors

    Efficient Farming Using IoT Sensors

    IoT sensors can be placed in fields, individual plants and even livestock to collect, analyse and track real-time data such as nutrient levels, soil temperature and moisture. ... more

  • Make Informed Decisions Using AI/ML

    Make Informed Decisions Using AI/ML

    By leveraging AI and ML technologies, farmers can make even better future decisions regarding irrigation, fertiliser or pest control by analysing vast amounts of data about so ... more

  • Using Drone For Farming

    Using Drone For Farming

    Drone technology in agriculture has revolutionised the Agriculture industry by effectively monitoring crops and providing valuable data about crop health with colour informati ... more

  • Digital Marketing For Farm Products

    Digital Marketing For Farm Products

    We use Digital Marketing to help farmers reach out to multiple buyers and get better prices for their agricultural products by promoting and direct selling. We utilise SEO, co ... more

Our Success Stories

Precision Agriculture: The New-edge Tech Driving Smart Farming.



We offer Villamart an e-commerce platform for purchasing and selling their agricultural products, expanding their market reach, boosting the effectiveness of their supply chai ... more



Our tech platform provides a web application that increases market access, manages the supply chain and reduces logistics costs. The solution has a streamlined procurement pro ... more



We build an e-Commerce portal where they can have direct access to prospective customers, and track products from farm to customer. It's a streamlined solution that can increa ... more



We create and customize a website for the DeHaat industry to improve its market reach, customer engagement, and operational efficiency. Also, we provide digital marketing to i ... more

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