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  • Experience the future of real estate with our technology solutions

    Transform the way you do business with our cutting-edge technology solutions. Streamline property transactions, simplify management, and gain valuable insights with our cloud-based solutions for the real estate industry.

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The Real Estate Revolution

Our AI, IoT & cloud-based software solutions are at the forefront of the digital transformation that is taking place in the real estate sector. Our cutting-edge technology expedites real estate transactions, makes maintenance easier, and gives real estate professionals useful data insights.

With our New-Edge Technology Solutions Built for Next Generation Infrastructure.

  • 1) Efficient Property Management
  • 2) Data-Driven Insights
  • 3) Innovative Marketing
  • 4) Virtual Tours

Efficient Property Management

We integrate AI, IoT, and cloud-based technologies to save energy costs, increase tenant comfort, enhance teamwork, increase accessibility, and strengthen data security.


Innovative Services, Personalized for You.

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Data and Analytics


Cognitive Business Operations


Industry and Searchingyard thought leaders decode customer preferences.



Digital Transformation as a Service



Safety First: Smart worksites connect the workforce and their equipment

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With Business Automation stay Responsive, Flexible and Ensure High-Quality Service

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Don’t Blame Modeling - Explore a new dimension of Predictability in Insurance

Our soloutions


With Big Data Analytics: Undercut your Risk, Enhance Profitability and Customer delight


Increase RoI on legacy Modernization through Hybrid ERP models



Safety First: Smart worksites connect the workforce and their equipment

Our Offerings

Discover how SearchingYard can transform your real estate business with its cutting-edge solutions.

What's New

Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry with Innovative Technology Solutions.

  • Virtual Property Tours

    Virtual Property Tours

    Experience properties like never before with our immersive virtual property tours. Our technology powered by AI enables potential buyers to explore properties from anywhere in ... more

  • Smart Home Automation

    Smart Home Automation

    Transform your properties into smart homes with our advanced home automation solutions. Our technology powered by IoT, AI, and ML offers a seamless, intuitive living experienc ... more

  • Intelligent Property Management

    Intelligent Property Management

    Streamline your property management with our intelligent solutions powered by AI and ML. Our software provides real-time analytics, and maintenance tracking to optimize your o ... more

  • Predictive Analytics for Property Market

    Predictive Analytics for Property Market

    Stay ahead of the competition with our predictive analytics for the property market powered by Data Science & Cloud. It provides valuable insights into market trends, enabling ... more

Our Success Stories

Helping the Real-Estate industry digitaly to achieve better ROI .

Skyrise Real Estate

Skyrise Real Estate

With the aid of new technology, we design & develop websites & apps for Skyrise Real Estate. This demonstrates a commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions & delivering an ... more

White Knights Realty

White Knights Realty

By providing a better layout and design, to White Knights Reality we helped them to improve their user experience and increase engagement with potential buyers and renters wit ... more

Kingston Business Park

Kingston Business Park

We create customized & responsive websites that are designed to showcase Kingston Business Park's products, services & also promote their products or services online, such as ... more

Jadeer Real Estate

Jadeer Real Estate

As the developer of Jadeer Real Estate app, we take pride in our innovative approach to designing & developing a cutting-edge platform that allows users to easily browse avail ... more

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